About the Project

With the addition of a whitewater park, Oregon City has the opportunity to create a world-class attraction and to become one of the region’s top outdoor recreation destinations.

  • Draw over 380,000 annual visits to Willamette Falls.
  • Create over 120 new jobs.
  • Produce net economic benefits of $20-30 million / year.

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The Opportunities

We are working with many partners to re-open access to Willamette Falls and provide opportunities to honor the area’s heritage, connect the public with the river, restore healthy habitat, and provide opportunities for economic development.

Proven Economic Opportunity

Oregon City can join the tide of towns across the nation in tapping into the economic opportunities that whitewater parks bring. More than a dozen U.S. cities have already developed whitewater parks, and many more are looking into them. Communities like Charlotte, Cascade, and Columbus, have found that their parks not only serve as a recreational focal point, but play host to major events and competitions, attracting visitors from all over the world and bringing wide returns on initial investments.

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